TimeSens V1 is based on the Silverlight plugin from Microsoft. This plugin is no longer supported on Internet Explorer 10 since 01/31/2020 and on Internet Explorer 11 since 10/12/2021.

We can think that it will be the same a little later for all versions of IE, which means that TimeSens V1 support or even its use will become impossible.

Thus, Timesens V1 distribution is stopped.

The TimeSens team has been working on a new version of TimeSens (V2) in HTML 5. But we have learnt with the V1 that we do not have the marketing and supporting capacity required for a commercial software distribution.

Consequently, we do not plan to distribute the V2 commercially. For now, we decided to rather reserve the V2 for research projects.

If you are in collaborating such a research project, you can contact us

We thank you for supporting us all these years.

The TimeSens team