TimeSens for Panel Leader and TimeSens for Panelist (Windows version) use the Microsoft Silverlight plugin already installed in most computers. If you don’t have the plugin, its installation is automatic from the links on this site. In addition, TimeSens for Panel Leader must be installed on the hard drive of the computer. To install TimeSens for Panel Leader, you must have a valid license and tokens. Finally, for TimeSens for Panelist (HTML) no installation is required, but an internet connection must be available.

Most features of TimeSens for Panel Leader do not require an Internet connection, you can create your session anywhere. Only deployment, data download and data analysis require Internet access. TimeSens for Panelist can also work without an Internet connection, but it must be installed (under Windows only) , and sending data to the TimeSens server should be managed manually.

TimeSens for Panel Leader and TimeSens for Panelist communicate with the TimeSens server via HTTPS (HTTP is secured with a SSL layer). All files are stored encrypted (using the RFC 2898 algorithm) on the server, and kept only for a limited amount of time (i.e. until the session is deployed, the time of execution of the analysis for outputs).

The easiest way is to send them an email from TimeSens for Panel Leader. They will then receive a hyperlink which they will click on to have instant access to their session. Panelists may also access their session from www.timesens.com website, they will need to give the session’s code, their panelist code and a password (if so decided by the panel Leader).

We provide individual or group training on site. Several modules are available, ranging from the basic to the advanced use. Send an email to contact@timesens.com and we will make you a proposal.

The TimeSens team is open to any request. Send an email to contact@timesens.com describing your needs and we will study its feasibility.

The TimeSens team can support the creation and deployment of the session as well as data analysis. Send an email to contact@timesens.com and we will send you a budget.


If you encounter an issue with TimeSens, you can use the "Report bug" functionality directly from the software, or send a mail to contact@timesens.com.