Annual subscription

In order to use TimeSens for Panel Leader, the Panel Leader have to order anannual subscription. This single station subscription allows him to create and deploy sessions, or to import and analyze an unlimited amount of data for one year.

Different types of subscriptions depending on the status of the Panel Leader are available:

  • The full price subscription is required for any commercial use in any country not eligible for low price license (cf. below).
  • The low price subscription is required for any academic use not funded by private partners (public university or government research institute) or for any commercial use in all countries of this list.
  • The academic subscription is granted for a limited time for non-commercial teaching use only. The license must be validated by the TimeSens team.
  • The try out subscription is only granted for one month, non-renewable. The TimeSens team reserves the right to cancel it on manifest abuse. Some functionnalities are limited.

"Pay-per-use" and "tokens"

TimeSens for Panel Leader operates on a "pay-per-use" principle: to download data, the Panel Leader must consume "tokens", one token corresponding to the data generated by one panelist for a session of 24 hours. If a panelist has not generated data, no tokens are counted.

Example: A Panel Leader invited 32 panelists to participate in a session where 4 products (P1 , P2, P3 and P4) will be tasted in total. P1 and P2 are tasted on Monday, P3 and P4 are tasted on Wednesday. Each product is rated 2 times. 30 judges actually participated in the session on Monday , and 32 on Wednesday . A total of 30 + 32 = 62 tokens will be counted.

Pricing of subscription and tokens

The actual cost of subscription and tokens depends on the status of the Panel Leader. Prices are in euros, taxes not included.

Pack Full price Low price
One-year subscription 500 250

TimeSens V1 est basé sur le plugin Silverlight de Microsoft. Ce plugin ne sera plus pris en charge par Internet Explorer 10 à compter du 31/01/2020 et par Internet Explorer 11 à compter du 12/10/2021. On peut penser qu’il en sera de même un peu plus tard pour toutes les versions d’Internet Explorer, ce qui signifie qu’à plus ou moins court terme, l’amélioration de TimeSens V1, voire son utilisation, deviendra impossible. Pour plus d’information :

Ainsi, nous avons décidé de ne plus commercialiser de licences de TimeSens V1 à compter du 31/12/2020. Les possesseurs d’une licence TimeSens V1 en cours pourront continuer à l’utiliser, tant que Silverlight sera disponible, mais il n’y aura plus de support ni de mise à jour de TimeSens V1. Les jetons d’acquisition de données deviennent gratuits dès maintenant.

L’équipe TimeSens travaille depuis déjà un an à une version 2 de TimeSens en langage HTML 5. Celle-ci permettra d’utiliser TimeSens pour Panel Leader sur tout type de machine et non plus seulement sur PC et sous Windows. Bien entendu, TimeSens pour Panéliste restera utilisable sur tout type de support. La date de sortie et les modalités de distribution de TimeSens V2 ne sont pas encore arrêtés.

TimeSens V1 is based on the Silverlight plugin from Microsoft. This plugin will no longer be supported on Internet Explorer 10 from 01/31/2020 and on Internet Explorer 11 from 10/12/2021. We can think that it will be the same a little later for all versions of IE, which means that in the more or less short term, the improvement of TimeSens V1, or even its use, will become impossible. For more information:

Thus, we have decided to no longer sell TimeSens V1 licenses as of 12/31/2020. Holders of a TimeSens V1 license will be able to continue using it as long as Silverlight is available, but there will be no support or update for TimeSens V1. Data acquisition tokens become free as of today.

The TimeSens team has been working for a year on a new version of TimeSens in HTML 5. This will allow TimeSens for Panel Leader to be used on any device and no longer only on PC. Of course, TimeSens for Panelist will remain usable on any type of device. The business model and release date of TimeSens V2 have not yet been decided.