What is TimeSens ?

TimeSens is a software devoted to the acquisition and statistical analysis of sensory data. TimeSens benefits from the experience and expertise of ChemoSens, the sensory analysis platform of CSGA. TimeSens offers most standard protocols for sensory evaluation (profile, hedonic tests, DTS, CATA, free sorting, napping), as well as original protocols (DTS multi-intake, PSP, ...). The collected results can be analyzed using traditional or innovative statistical methods.

Two software in one!

Just one click is enough for installing TimeSens for Panel Leader. After creating a new protocol or personalizing one of the session templates, the experimenter can deploy its session on the Internet. As from that moment, the panelists invited to attend the session can access TimeSens for Panelist using their favorite browser. Once the data is collected, the experimenter disposes of a whole battery of statistical methods of analysis.

Sensory analysis under ecologic conditions!

TimeSens can be used almost everywhere, with different kinds of supports (personal computers as well as tablets and smartphones), in ecological conditions. TimeSens for Panelist requires only a navigation software and Internet connection. In addition, TimeSens for Panelist can be installed to work in an off-line mode.