TimeSens for Panel leader

TDS and more !

TimeSens implements the TDS and all its different variants: TDS multi-dose (number of bites, sips fixed or not), alternated TDS, TDS with images,… Most of the classic sensory protocols are also available: QDA profile, hedonic tests, CATA, sorting task, napping, progressive profile,...

Fully customizable templates

It takes only some minutes to personalize a template of any of the different protocols: selection of panelists, products, descriptors and experimental designs, block presentation...

  • New protocol templates are regularly uploaded to the site.
  • The Panel Leader can create his own templates.
  • All tables can be sorted, filtered and exported to various formats (CSV , Excel, Word , HTML, PDF).
  • Information on panelists, products and descriptors are stored in a local database and can be reused or shared.
  • Information on panelists, products and descriptors can be imported from a file in delimited text format.
  • Panelists’ passwords and product labels can be automatically generated according to different complexity criteria.
  • Session can be presented as blocks.
  • Products and attributes cab ne presented according to different experimental designs: fixed, random, latin quare, Williams latin square, custom. Replicates can be sequential, successive or shuffled.

Intuitive scenario design

The Panel Leader can add, delete, or move screens from a scenario in a few clicks. Different controls are available to customize each screen: text boxes, images, video, questions, button, timer, stopwatch ...

  • The "WYSIWYG"screens editor offers many facilities : grid-mode display, zoom, copy / paste, drag / drop, undo / redo . The Panel Leader can see directly on the screen what the final result will look.
  • Each screen can be displayed repeated according to an experimental design or conditionally based on several criteria.
  • Supports several screen resolutions: 1: 1, 4: 3, 16: 9, 16:10.
  • Session can be simulated at any time.
  • Each control is fully customizable.

Several deployment options…

Once the protocol and scenario are edited, the Panel Leader can deploy the session which will be accessed on-line or locally. The Panel Leader can authorize anonymous logins and restrict time ranges or minimum time between connections to access a session.

Progress monitoring in real time…

The Panel Leader can invite the panelists to join their session by mail, and then follow their progress on-line and interact with them…

  • The built-in editor allows writing mails in HTML format.
  • The reminder e-mails can be sent automatically.
  • Notifications to panelists can be sent in real time.
  • The status of a panelist can be changed.
  • Connection information on each panelist is collected (browser, location, date of last access, ...)

Simplified data management...

The Panel Leader can sort, filter, or rearrange the data using pivot tables. He can also import external data or export data to various formats.

  • Data can be summarized in the form of pivot tables.
  • Data can be modified by block, or merged with information from panelists or survey data.
  • All data tables can be sorted, filtered and exported to various formats (CSV, Excel, Word, HTML, PDF).
  • It is possible to import data from a delimited text file, or from another TimeSens session.

Innovative statistical analysis...

No need to know a particular statistical software, TimeSens allows the Panel Leader to customize analyzes with a friendly graphical interface.

  • Each protocol has a set of specific analyzes. Most conventional methods are implemented, as well as innovative analysis available only in TimeSens.
  • Analyses are set by default to meet the needs of most common cases in sensory evaluation. Nonetheless, an experienced Panel Leader can re-set the analysis using different available options.
  • Data to be analyzed can be filtered.
  • Panelist codes, attributes and products can be replaced by more explicit labels.
  • Parameters of the most frequently used statistical analysis can be saved for reuse.

Easy to interpret graphical output...

TimeSens has chosen to offer a minimum of outputs for a maximum of useful information. All outputs can be edited directly using TimeSens, exported to various formats or published directly in the form of reports.

  • Any graphic or textual output can be edited directly using TimeSens.
  • Graphic output can be exported as image PNG, JPG, WMF (vector format).
  • The outputs can be saved as a ZIP file, reports (Word, PDF, PowerPoint) or published directly on the Internet.

And many other things!

TimeSens is available in English and French.

  • Panel Leader can choose between manual or automatic backups.
  • The statistics of usage (monitoring of tokens used) are integrated into TimeSens.
  • Online help is available (in French only).
  • Monitoring of tickets allows the Panel Leader to share with TimeSens team.
  • The Panel Leader can interact with Sensobase.

TimeSens for Panellist

TimeSens for Panelist allows the acquisition of data on any media (computer, tablet, smartphone ) by means of a Web browser.

  • Panelist interface is available in several languages (English, French).
  • In the eventual case of an interruption, panelists can resumed the session sitting where it had stopped.
  • If the Panel Leader so wants to, panelists can get feedback on the session they’ve just finished.
  • Panelist may notify the Panel Leader in real time if any problem arises during the session.
  • Panelist can have a virtual keyboard to enter its data (Windows only).
  • If there is no Internet access, panelists can use offline mode (Windows only).


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